Registration code invalid when trying to access My Account


I was hoping to get in on the Cyber Monday deal by checking out what offers are available for my license, however, I keep receiving the error below when signing into My Account, located under Support.

'The registration code you entered is not valid.'

Would appreciate any help.


Make sure you're using your current licence code.

You can have the details emailed to you via:

I tried both license codes that were received from the link you provided, but, I still continue to receive the same error.

We've checked the codes and they work to log in here, using the same email address as your forum account uses.

Make sure they're copied exactly, without any extra characters before or after, and that the same email address is used as was used to retrieve the codes.

The Cyber Monday deal is just for buying new copies of Opus, so once you log in you won't see any deals that aren't already visible on the site.

I was just going to add that IMHO, it is impractical to use the license code for the login to one's account, because it seems that license codes keep changing over the years, and/or can be hard to retrieve/remember.

What's more, for some reason the GPsoft login page (as one of very few login pages on the Internets) seems not to be recognized by LastPass, and therefore additionally, the credentials are not saved.

These two things together seem to make up quite an obstacle for a successful login almost every time (every once in a while) I try to do so.

Additionally, my 12 beta seems to expire and if I try to buy an upgrade over my current license, I can't.

Just saying.


You can use Lost Registration Retrieval to have your current license code emailed to you if you don't keep the old emails/codes (and don't already have it installed; if it is installed, you can get it from Help > Licence Manager).

Opus 12 isn't for sale yet as we're still finishing it. We will let everyone extend the beta/evaluation period if needed.

OK thanks

Alright, but Licence Manger tells me today: "Your evaluation period has expired (2001A)", whereas the email with the respective certificate file says "Your free evaluation of Directory Opus expires on 2016-08-19"


Can you send me a new certificate for the beta?

Are you using the certificate from the email you quote? It sounds like it's a stock eval cert instead.

Yes -- the "Your evaluation period has expired" message actually appears when I paste and install exactly the certificate from that email.

Please drop sales@ an email with the certificate details and they should be able to help work out what's going on.

I have no access to the needed data myself, and they'll need to know the full name and licence code (which shouldn't be posted here in public, of course).

Ok thanks I'll do that then.