Registration error message several times

Lately, after updating Opus 9 with a current revision, there has been a little glitch in running the program.

A while back, shortly after an update, I loaded Opus 9, and a message window came up stating that my (temporary?) license had expired, and the program would cease to function in a few days.

So I went to the folder where I keep that info. copied out the large block of characters, pasted it in, and it was accepted - all was fine.

Just now, I updated to the latest version, and a message box popped up telling me that my registration had expired. So I prepared to paste in the text block, and I dismissed the error message block, and Opus 9 did load OK. I went into the license manager window, and it displayed everything as normal and proper, including the OK on my license. So I did not have to re-enter it.

What is happening here?"

Ron Hirsch

In January, you also had a problem with your Program Certificate ( [File listing suddenly changed to short 8.3 names) ).
Did you already submit an official support request from the Support page on the GPSoftware web site with your registration details?

No I did not. I got the feeling from tech support, that I should always use the forum first.

I will send off this info to tech support

Ron Hirsch

I did send off the latest info with screen caps of the error messages last week.

That was acknowledged with an ID number of


But I've not heard anything yet.

Ron Hirsch