Registry entries

I have noticed (yet I am aware this has carried over from v6 to v8) that Dopus writes dozens of filenames to the registry that it has worked with. This includes the last # of renamed files and the last # of the "find" feature keywords.

Why is there not an option to disable this feature, or at least the ability to clean the unneeded lists?

Thank you for your time.

This is just normal behaviour for programs that save a history of such actions for future reference to allow you quick access.

There is no need to disable such functions.

Regards, Greg


I understand the concept of the MRU list, however most programs that do make use of one, allow a method to clear the so called lists.

All I ask for is a "Clear on Exit" option, or not unlike Internet Explorer a "Clear History" button.

The reason i ask this is after stumbling on the keys that store Opus' MRU lists I noticed the filename to an Iraqi execution video that curiosity unfortunately got the better of me months ago. This unnerved me for a bit, knowing months of history are kept without the option to simply clear it out.

So, I admit there are ways that I can clear them out manually, or making up a .reg file. But please think about implementing such a simple into Opus and let all us privacy nuts have a little peace of mind :confused:

Thanks for your help.

There's a command to clear the Recent list but that's all it clears and I don't think there are similar commands to clear anything else.

I'd also quite like it. Editing the registry manually is more of a pain than clicking a single button to wipe all the filter, rename, find, recent, etc. histories in one go.