Registry Explorer and DOpus problems

I have big problem when using Registry Explorer 1.4.4 with DOpus (see: [View the registry?)). DOpus crash very often when entering some registry keys. Second problem is using tree. Sometimes when clicking on some registry tree branch DOpus don't show this branch but show Desktop instead. Registry Explorer works fine inside Windows Explorer. Is this a problem with Registry Explorer or DOpus? Can this problem be fixed?


Dopus also crashes when double-clicking on string values in the file display (though RMB->edit works fine). update doesn't change anything. DOpus still crash while using virtual Registry Explorer folder. With Windows Explorer it's working fine. I understand that DOpus can't guarantee proper working with 3rd party software but it shouldn't crash right?
Anyone know why DOpus don't work with Registry Explorer?

I've never used Registry Explorer myself. Have you reported this problem to GPSoft?

The problem could be in Opus or in Registry Explorer, or both. It probably needs a developer from either (or both) programs to debug their parts and find out what's going wrong when they're combined.