Relative column position for single column

In the 11.16.4 beta, Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=columnlist,insert inserts nearest where you right-clicked, instead of always inserting to the left of the column.

Is it possible to add something to do this when we want to insert single column from header menu.


Yes, you can use %headeritem% for that:

SET COLUMNSTOGGLE=label(%headeritem%)

We'll make the default menu do the same in the next update, although that will only help with new installs or if you factory-reset your menu.

Thanks Leo.

%headeritem% exists since one year now (11.10) but not really documented in manual.

I noticed the same and fixed that earlier. Not sure if it was officially supported or just an internal mechanism for making "columnlist,insert" work, but it's officially supported now and will be documented the next time we re-compile the help file.