Relative paths to portable programs

Is possible to use some drivename substitute to run portable programs from USB when exported Opus is located?
For example - I want to export my Opus to USB and I'm using few extra tools that doesn't need to be installed, just copied. So I want to copy them to USB pendrive, but then - on different computers my pendrive will have different letter. And if I call function G:\progs\tool.exe this did not work. Something like, for example, DOPUS:\progrs\tool.exe? Or other way to do that?

You can use the /homeroot alias for that. e.g. [nowrap]/homeroot\progrs\tool.exe[/nowrap]

You can also use /$label to refer to a drive by its label, which can be useful if it's not the same drive that Opus itself is on.

Thank you.

This works only in function key. And what about icon?

Sorry, my bad - works too.