ReloadScript() in OnConfigChange()

I have the reproducable effect, that changes to script config items do not apply, if Command.ReloadScript() is used in OnConfigChange().
So whatever config item I switch to "false", assuming it was set to "true" right before, will stick to "true" if the script config dialog is reopened right after.
Any running script does not see changes to config items either, so they get lost not only for the dialog. The scriptconfig.oxc does also not update.

Have a nice weekend alltogether nonetheless! o))

I'm not able to reproduce that here - could you provide a script that exhibits the problem?

Hi Jon, sorry it took me so long, but this issue is a bit difficult to track down.

I had the mentioned behaviour some minutes ago again and was not able to resolve it without eventually renaming the script file.
The last time I tried it worked as expected, but once it get's into the problematic behaviour it keeps malfunctioning for some unknown time.
I think it has something to do with the script config getting out of sync with what DO remembers and/or the defaults a script uses/used.

I uploaded the script here, but I doubt it's going to show the same error for you, if you freshly put it into the scripts folder.

Thanks for all the other fixes in 11.7.2, the uploaded script makes use of the new "right" property e.g. (with a fallback for pre 11.2.7).
cya! o)

Mhh, i noticed another thing which is possbly related to this.

The reset button in a script config dialog, does not reset the config item to what is the current default in the script. It does reset to some defaults used anytime before, but if the script-defaults were changed for a config item, the reset button does not reset to that new default. I'd need to remove/readd or rename the config item in the script, to get the reset button to reset to the actual defaults. DO seems to remember the defaults "too long" it seems.

This adds to my impression, that there is some sync-problem at times between DO, script defaults and settings in use. I'm afraid I cannot provide any more details currently, surely will if I really get behind what's going on, but maybe this detail is a another piece for the puzzle.

Thanks! o)