Remember copy/delete dialogs size/position

Hi again,

Is there a way to remember the size&position of the copy&delete dialogs? I keep widening them and next time they open are narrowed again to the default size.

Thank you.

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Would be nice if we could choose whether to store dialog position relative to current window or screen-layout/absolute.

Once minimized, a dialog like the copy-progress also seems to reappear unexpectedly, when another dialog of same type pops up.

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We're thinking about something along these lines.


I had just stopped by to ask whether such a feature/option was available and found this thread. I hope this will be added. It would be great if the copy/paste dialog box would stay where I put it.

This may be of interest if you just want the dialogs to not get in the way:

That's actually a great feature, and I do like it... I also would like to be able to keep the dialog in the same place, size when it isn't minimized.

Please add this to next major release. This is THE only major annoyance I have left with Directory Opus. @Leo

Transfer Dialog Settings:

  • Width: INT
  • Position X: INT
  • Position Y: INT
  • Position Pre-set: LIST (Top Middle, Center, Bottom Middle ...)
  • Auto Width: BOOL

For "Auto Width" I'd love for it to set the width based on the longest path in the transfer list and then reasonably set it based on the width of the display being used.