Remember disconnected folders // Disable all filtering

  1. When closing / re-opening the former (last session) Tab locations are lost.
    When the corresponding drives are temporarily disconnected, theses folders display the default only, not the previous location
  2. How can I permanently have displayed "everything" (in green) and not hidden (in red) activated for a new Tab. Seems to switch back at every new start...

(Please ask one question per thread in general.)

  1. Seems correct, unless I've misunderstood. Opus can't display a folder which doesn't exist.

    If you always want the same folders to be displayed, you can save those as the default (or as a layout or a tab group) and those won't change until you explicitly re-save them.

  2. Show Everything is a temporary mode which disables all configured filtering. If you don't want anything to be filtered by default, the filters themselves need to be turned off.

    If you type global filter into the bottom left of the Preferences dialog, it should take you to the page with the most likely filtering options.

    Filters can also be set on individual folders or folder tabs via the folder formats system, but you'd probably know if you had set those up, as no filtering is done via them by default.