Remember of Styles & Check Box Mode -- Problems!

Hello and , first, please be compliant with my bad english. I would like to thanks the author of this program, Dopus, wich is wonderful.

But, theres are 2 problems :

1)Remembers of styles :
I already use "List" View. I configured it in "Tools > Folder options" and save. I did it too in "Preference > List > Styles > Explorer (that i use by default)".

But when i click, in windows, on "Start > Documents" (i'm on vista), my list view is "Details" and i must click on the "Explorer" Tap (which is already used) for appearing my files in "list view".

I tried to "lock" my style too, but no effects...
Do you have any solutions ?

2)Check-Boxes mode
I've seen the check-box mode can be used only in "details view" mode. But Vista default explorer can do it with "list view" too. Is there any way too display by default the check-box mode in "list view" ?

I thank you for any answer about this. Are theses options, if there is no-way to do, could be add to the future version of Dopus ?

thank you again

Oh, i forgot, just a problem opf translations in french.

For example, in document folders, theses are the folders by default of Vista (pictures, music, downloads, contacts, documents, videos, searches, links, favorites, desktop, saved games).

But in french, it's different ! (images, musiques, telechargements, contacts, documents, videos, recherches, liens, favoris, bureau, sauvergardes de jeu).

But Dopus don't use translated folders, it use only "american originals folders".

Is there any way to resolve it ?

Thank you again !

1) Remembers of styles

See the Folder Formats FAQ.

2) Check-Boxes mode

There's no way to use Check-Boxes in List mode. Only Details or Power modes.

However, you can use the middle mouse button to select/deselect individual files without deselecting all the other files. So if you only wanted checkbox mode for that feature then you've already got it via the middle mouse button.

3) Translated folder names on Vista

At the moment I think Opus always displays the real folder names not the translated versions.

(Before Vista if you installed the OS in a non-English language then the real folder names would be in that language. With Vista I think the real folder names are always in English and there is a way for programs to translate the the names a different language for display. That's good since you can then switch languages and the folder names change, unlike previous versions of Windows. However, I don't think Opus uses that yet so you always see the English names.)

Thank you Leo, i didn't know the middle button !

I've seen the FAQ and tried everithing, but no-way to "remember" the list-mode when i click on "start>Documents" in windows. When double click on the DOpus icon in the taskbar, there is no problem, my folders and files are well in "list mode". But this don't work when i go in a folder via the star windows menu or via a a link in my desk ....

Thank you again !

Start > Documents should open an Opus window using the folder format for that folder (which may be a Content Type or Default format if there isn't a format saved specifically for that path).

Okay the middle mouse thing is cool. However..

I would still like to be able to have my listers default to checkbox mode...heres why

I am setting up my joy stick to be able to do all file management in opus by emulating the keyboard

only in check box mode can i use the keyboard to select individual files and then copy/move them to destination

is there a way to do this outside of checkbox mode?

Ctrl-Space toggles the current file's selection when in keyboard mode.

is it possible to change the default middle click to another mouse button? this would be useful and easier for me.

Yes, see Lister Display Modes - Power Mode in Preferences.