Remember tree structure on startup?

Is there an option or settings so that dopus remembers tree structure on startup of which folders are expanded or collapsed?

For example, on startup I always have to do this:


I expand all sub folders until level-4, then I collapse folder-level-2.

So result is tree shows level-1 and level-2 only. Later if I expand level-2, then it will show all they way down to level-4 with one click on level-2

No, at least not to that extent. Sorry.

It will remember which top-level branches are/aren't expanded, and can also auto-expand This PC (My Computer) and the current folder.

Can this be done through scripts?

I tried looking through!Documents/Scripting/Example_Scripts.htm
but can't find relevant sample code

Can a script do these steps:

  • expand folder x
  • expand folder y
  • expand folder z
  • collapse folder y

No, scripts can only expand the branch for the current folder, at least at the moment.

Will you add script object for folder tree in future? something script can send command to expand/collapse folder?

It's possible, if we get more requests for similar. More so if they come from linked accounts.