Remember virtual desktop and monitor at restart

I use 3 monitors and several Windows Virtual Desktops and usualy place one of two instances of DOpus in each one.

At the event of restart the system or the application, all previously opened instances re-open again, but all in the same Desktop and same monitor, so I have to move them one by one manually to the Desktop and monitor it was before.

Is there a way to remember the Desktop and monitor where each window instance was, in addition of the coordinates and the size, and place it there?

Monitor placement should be remembered automatically (although it can also depend on settings).

Virtual desktops aren't currently remembered, but that is on our list and something we will definitely be adding.

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There is that little tool called desksoft windowmanager. It remembers desktops and window positions. It may be worth a try, there is a free trial.

This is mostly a windows issue, same goes for those focus stealing programs.

Else there are other autohotkey scripts that can achieve the same fully free. Might be worth checking.