Remembering rename settings


Is it possible to get DOpus to remember the previous find settings or at least the last mode used?

The rename dialog always defaults to "Standard Rename".


I think you just need to change your rename button to run:

Rename PRESET=last

Hi nudel,

Thanks for that and yes it brings up the dialog with all of the last settings. In my case though this is unwanted as I usually change the last few characters so I would have to type out 99% of the first filename :frowning:

I tried changing the button to read:

Rename PRESET="Find And Replace"

But it did not select the preset when the dialog was shown.

Any other ideas?

You were close! It's actually:

Rename PRESET=findrep

You can find that name and the others if you go to the button editor, click it into Advanced mode, then put the cursor after the Rename command and click on the Arguments drop-down.

Something must not be right here.

When I clicked on the dropdown all I see is "Number Files" and "last".

When I entered findrep and clicked the button the standard dialog was displayed.

Leo is getting ahead of himself; findrep isn't there yet :slight_smile: