Remembering selections


I am currently testing DOPUS to see if its worth upgrading to from xplorer. I really like the way xplorer remembers a selection on a pane even when you click in empty space. The way I work goes something like this:

  1. Say I am in the left pane and I make some selections.
  2. I then move to the right pane and do something...
  3. I go back to the left pane with a single left click.
  4. The original selection from step 1 is still selected.
  5. If I left click in the left pane again, this will remove the selection.

Is there a way to do this in DOPUS?

I have got some "work arounds" for example I can use the middle mouse button to click and this does not deselect anything. Or I can use the tab key to move between the left and right panes. Again this does not deselect my selections.


When changing between separate Opus windows there is an option to get what you want:

Preferences - Listers - File Display: Allow file selection when clicking to activate Lister

However, that doesn't affect when clicking between the two sides of a dual-display window.

A similar option (or just extending the existing option to apply in both cases) makes sense to me so I've filed a feature request with GPSoftware for you.

Without that there are still a few ways to activate the other half of a dual-display window without changing the selection:
[ul][li]Click on the file display border. That is the bar above each file display which indicates its path.

If you use this then you may want to go to Preferences - Listers - File Display Border and, under the Enable hot paths in file display border option, turn on Only when file display is the source and the Lister is active. That way you don't have to worry about changing directory by clicking on hot paths when you just wanted to activate something.
[li]Click the scrollbars (if any) or the active folder tab (if any).
[li]If you're using the keyboard, push the Tab key.[/li][/ul]

I usually use the file display border. I can see that clicking anywhere in the file display without worrying about the selection would be easier, though.

It might be worth mentioning Power Mode which lets you change what the left button does. e.g. You could make it do toggle-select like the middle button does by default, or you could make it not change the selection at all. I think that would be difficult to get used to, though.

Thanks for the tips. Hopefully this feature will be implemented in the future.

I will use the tab key for now to change panes, since this is the quickest way for me.