"Remove From Collection" shares hotkey with "Properties" right-click menu entry — "R". Disambiguate it?

See pic. When I do a search and then right-click on a file in the search results collection, I frequently want to hit 'r' on my keyboard to get that file's properties. This removes it from the collection — an unexpected result.

I suggest "Remove From Collection" have a different hotkey — not 'r'.

If you want to fix it asap, you can edit it under Settings > File Types > Collection Items > Context Menu.

There are quicker ways to open the Properties dialog from the keyboard, however. I think it has a hotkey by default (alt or ctrl + enter, possibly? and maybe another in the Properties button-menu) or you can add your own.

(Not at my PC to check the exact keys.)

Thanks, Leo. I have now fixed this for myself by just removing the alt key definition in the "Context Menu" settings category you pointed to.

I'll also comment on why I like right-click and then 'r'. I have to choose the file anyway, so right-clicking instead of left-clicking (selecting it) is not more work. It's usually just one file so I don't have to hold Shift or Control for a multi-file selection. And 'r' on keyboard from the right-click menu is then very natural and easy.

I just tried Ctrl-Enter for Properties. It works. But I have to take my right hand off the mouse to do it, so I'll stick with 'r'.

Thanks as always.

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