Remove lines from folder tree

I know I saw this somewhere, but I'll be darned if i can remember where. I do not even know what it is called so searching the forums and help file for 30min resulted in nothing.

Basically, when you expand from the root in the folder tree there are lines that connect everything ... but there was a way (at least I think there was) to disable it.

Hope I am making sense

Sure here ya go!

(4th post and I'm already helpful!)

Notice that I put "lines" in the VERY COOL filter field.

Oh wait, you might be talking about this...

That's the grid lines for the file display. To turn off lines in the tree you want this:

Whoa you're quick (your reputation was accurate)!

What do I have to do to keep my posted images from being resized? (Is it because I'm hosting them on the forum instead of on my own site?)

i was filtering for folder tree... i am tired i guess and did not even think to search for lines :frowning: ... sorry guys!!

But thanks!

After I attach an image there are buttons by the attachment to Update and Delete it. For images over a certain size there's also an option to Delete Thumbnail which will remove the thumbnail and show the full image in the forum.

I'm not sure if it's an admin-only option, though.

I'm going to bed now as I have a meeting at work in six hours. :frowning: So I won't be so fast for a while. :slight_smile:

option to Delete Thumbnail
I'm not sure if it's an admin-only option, though.
Yeah, looks like it...