Remove numbers

Surely an easy thing for you, but hard for me :slight_smile:.

I need a rename-preset, that will remove numbers out of a filename.

Example patterns:
Artist - 04 - Title.flac
04. Artist - Title

So always "04" should be removed, but I'd like to include "-" or "." into the rename-preset for removal, too (if this is too complex I would save each as presets, there're not that much variations possible).

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a case for the new DO12 rename macro recorder? :wink:

Em, yes, maybe. But I believe not for me :slight_smile:.

Hi Sasa,

Try steve's Titlecase script. It has an option to remove all numbers:

fNumbers = True ' delete all numbers

Thanks, but where do I set this option (using DO12)?

Just click on that star icon in the extended rename menu, & select it from the dropdown list.

Yes, I know, but where do I set the option to remove numbers? It just does upper case and other corrections.

There is a second version of that script, TitleCasePlus, which contains that entry, that ktbcrash mentioned. Change that one to "true".

^(.)( - |^)\d+(. )?(.)$


Thanks to you all.

abr is right, I didn't know there was an updated version TitleCasePlus by Fred that I was using. Sorry about that.

Even though it seems you got this figured out already, posting link for others.