Remove or hide 'top bar' from folder tree?

Is there any way to hide or remove the top bar from the folder tree?

As customizable as it is i'm hoping that there is some sort of tweak to do this.
It's a so-so problem, but would be nice for a minimalistic type like me :slight_smile:

I don't think there's any way to hide it at the moment (without hiding the entire tree, of course).

Of course it's a very minor 'problem', but as long as i use DOpus, i never liked the foldertree 'top bar'. You can't hide it BUT you even can't change the color of the bar
(or you have to change the whole windows color scheme, only to change the color of 1 bar in DOpus :smiley: ). I use vertical toolbars, but it just doesn't look very well:

It would be great to be able to change at least the color of the bar. Below you
will find a screenshot of Mozilla Thunderbird. In my opinion, this looks much better:

I never have and probably never will understand anyone who wants one particular program to look different to the whole OS and every other program.

because we can :slight_smile:

the four apps i use the most are DOpus, Firefox, VLC and WinRAR. all can be skinned/customized to an extent, so i have skinned them all.

anyway, i find Vista to be ugly, i don't blame Cormack for trying to change things!

Cormack asked how to hide the bar completely, not change its colour. I was responding to Christiaan's comment about having to change a system colour to change a colour in Opus.

I do understand that some people dislike the default Windows colours but I don't get why so many people seem to want to use inconsistent colours with just one program.

That said, this isn't the best example of what I'm talking about at all and Christiaan does have a point. Maybe on Vista Opus should use the toolbar background colour for these things instead of the window background colour? (i.e. Light blue instead of grey.)

I guess it could even inherit the Toolbar background image if there is one.

Personally i don't use the bare at all, and i would rather use the space (even if it's not much) for the folder tree.
But if DOpus some day will support a custom background for the bar, then at least it will be possible to camouflage it a bit :slight_smile:
I really don't mind the colors as they match the scrollbars and columns.

A checkbox for disabling it would be preferred tho hehe.