Removed Folders

I have a problem that is driving me crazy. I use a software product called "theRenamer" to rename video files (TV episodes) to their proper names and move them. The renaming works great...the moving...not so much. More accurately, the moving does work perfectly, but after the files are moved, theRenamer deletes the folder the files were in. This is where the problem comes. DOpus still sees the folder after theRenamer does it's work. So, I am left with folders showing, but you can't go into them or remove them through DOpus. They are like ghost folders. They are deleted, but still showing. If you click on them, you get an access error message. Refreshing does not make them go away. I'm not quite sure what does. After a very long period of time (maybe a day or more), they will go away. Any idea how to address this? Thanks much in advance.

Unfortunately, there is no option in theRenamer to disable folder deleting. The only option is to disable auto move entirely.

Presumably Explorer is also unable to enter those folders, so this isn't specific to Opus?

It probably means something has a handle/lock to the folders or files within them which was opened in a way which allows deletion while the handle/lock is still open. If something then deletes the locked item, it will go into a "pending deletion" state where nothing can open it (but things that already have a handle to it can still access it), and nothing can delete it either (as it is already pending deletion). It will disappear as soon as the thing or things holding a lock on it release the lock.

This often happens with video files due to bugs in video codecs or demuxers which fail to close all their file handles (either due to bugs where they forget to, or due to more serious bugs where they throw exceptions which jump over their own clean-up code). While it is not always the host process's fault in that case, you may find that if you exit certain programs the folders will disappear when you do.

Since Opus will ask video codecs to inspect files, the program you need to exit might be Opus. Fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) to find out. But it could also be another program, or multiple programs. If exiting Opus does fix things, it may be possible to prevent the problem by updating/replacing a 3rd party video codec/demuxer, but I've also seen this problem with the WMV components which come with Windows, which it is probably unwise to replace.

If exiting Opus doesn't make the folder disappear, try exiting other apps until it happens. In the worst case, you may need to log out & back in (or simply reboot), if the folder is in pending deletion state as I suspect.