Rename a bunch of files with date and number

since my German support has no idea how it works I'll post my question here hope somebody can help on this issue:

I just want to rename several photo files from old name MKII_123

with [date] is the file date in this way:20110812 (year month day) without any space
and [123] as a number from original file name

I'll want to mark several files and rename all with one command/batch/....

Right now I handle it with totalcommander in that way:
with YMD - date from file
C9026 - first number; counts up 1 each file which is marked to rename

Thanks a lot

Old Name: ^MKII_([0-9]).(.)
New Name: TP_{modifieddate|#DYYYYmmdd}_000\1.\2
Type: Regular Expression
Enable file information fields: ON

Thanks a lot. It works :smiley:
When I mark several file before I call "rename" I can rename all of them in one command

Thanks Jon