Rename all hardlinks of a file

i'm able to get a list of the existing hardlinks of a file with this command
fsutil hardlink list {filepath}

but how can i get the output into dopus and use it to rename the files?

I don't think there is an easy way to do that. It would probably be possible via some VBScript (e.g. as part of a Rename script) which parsed the fsutil output, but there's nothing built-in which would do it in a single command or anything like that.


after some research i actually found a way doing it as batch:

fsutil hardlink list {filepath} > hardlink_batch.tmp

for /F "tokens=*" %%A in (hardlink_batch.tmp) do rename {file|}"%%A" {file}
del hardlink_batch.tmp

but there is one problem: {file|} doesn't work as intended.
according to it should output the drive letter but it outputs the filename instead

That's a documentation error. I've put a correction in the pipeline.

The examples should use {filepath|} not {file|}

By the way, I'd expect the DOS batch method to go wrong for file names or paths containing Unicode characters outside your DOS codepage.

that worked with a little workaround. there was 1 back slashe too much but i put a dot in between to make it work. {filepath||noterm} didn't work

i created a new topic with a rename and a delete command: