Rename Button - How to link to a preset

Trying to rename a bunch of files which I have done in the past. I guess I must've forgot something.

When I highlight a file to be renamed and select the proper preset in the rename dialog and then click the okay button. Everything works as to be expected, perfect. My problem is I forgot the action the button gets. I've tried many different solutions with no success. Here are a few the elements that I worked with.
Rename INLINE Permit
Select NEXT

Select NEXT

No luck with the above. When I click on a button I would like it to execute a rename and drop to the next record. Preferably be nice if I could have it do the next 1000 records and take a well-deserved coffee break. Will I guess I could almost be as happy to have it rename a record and drop to the next. Almost.


Assuming your rename preset is called "Permit" (from your first example), the command you want is:

Rename PRESET="Permit"

Select all the files you want to rename, then click the button and it will rename them all at once. Then you don't have to worry about moving to the next file or clicking the button lots of times.

Thanks Leo. It works well.