Rename Capability Suggestion

This capability may be in the advanced dialog. I, however, am not an advanced user. In the drop down Rename list box add both a number files and unique number files (both randomly). For example: instead of 001 002 ...010 we could have 010 002 005 ...008. I sometimes have a long list of files in alphabetical order that I would like to mix randomly. If I am the only one, then don't bother. If there is some interest, please consider something like this for those who are more or less restricted to menu choices.

Thank you.

Doing numbering is extremely easy in the Advanced Rename Dialog. Don't be put off by the dialog's name. Give it a try and you might learn something.

There is a short page on how to use it to number files here:!Documents/Numbering_Files.htm

Random numbering is also possible via a rename script. You can load that into the dialog and it will then also be available via the menu off the Rename button on the default toolbars. Here is the script: Add a Unique Number while renaming

Alternatively, for another way to get the files in random order, you could use Button: Random Shuffle which shuffles the files in the file display, and then rename them numerically (without any extra script) to keep them in that order when they are sorted normally by name.

I have chosen the Button Script solution. This has been quite the learning experience. I will try the other solutions also. They seem a little harder to implement. Ergo, I will learn more but require more time. In the mean time, thank you so much and for being so quick.

Ron Pelton

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