Rename: Capitalization


I want to rename over 30,000 files and need to capitalize every word in every file name. However, I want to leave abbreviations alone. Is there a renaming script that will capitalize all words over 4 characters?

Thank You


this one work pretty well :

you just to change len condition to not Capitalize words less than 4 characters :
In the script, replace
if len(strNameArray(x)) > 0 then
if len(strNameArray(x)) > 4 then

this should work

Also, during my capitalization, I have a Unique ID in the filename which needs to be all UPPERCASE. The Unique ID looks like this:


Now when I run the script, the ^CFC becomes ^Cfc. Can it be modified to leave the ^CFC in uppercase?

Thank You

I actually just created a button and assigned it a hotkey to change the ^Cfc to ^CFC

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:

The simplest thing for is to replace the last line before the end of the function :
strNewName = strNewName & strExt
strNewName = replace(strNewName,"^cfc","^CFC") & strExt

Thank you for all the help!