Rename command open Rename dialog

Hi, I've try to create autorename string after working with some tools.

My situation is mp3wrap.exe that join selected mp3 files into one mp3 file. But mp3wrap naming the file as *_MP3WRAP.mp3. I want to strip _MP3WRAP from filename. I have created this button:

"D:\Program Files\mp3wrap.exe" {sourcepath}\{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}.mp3 {allfilepath} Rename FROM "{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}_MP3WRAP.mp3" TO "{sourcepath|nopath|noterm}.mp3"

All works good (I got one mp3 file, _MP3WRAP string stripped ok), except opening Rename dialog after all.

How to run Rename command without running Rename dialog?

I don't have mp3wrap.exe to test the first line but the second line works fine for me as-is and doesn't open the rename window.

I've attached mp3wrap, my button code and sample two mp3 parts.

Just change path to mp3wrap in button. Then select my two mp3 and run this button. As result you must get joined mp3 with name of parent folder (0_0_01.mp3). I suspect that problem not in async running the lines. But adding @async doesn't work anyway. (1.6 MB)

If anything you'd want @sync rather than @async

Anyway Rename dialog opens.