Rename-Create New Folder & Copy Original


I am familliar w/ a feature using a "/" to rename a folder that turns the original into a sub folder of the newly named folder.

I frequently use several sets of templated forms in a medical facility where I take in new clients. All of these forms are organized in a folder creatively named,"Assessment Forms."

When I take a new client, I create a folder for them and rename the Assessment Forms folder using "clients name/" This wonderful feature of DOpus, creates a folder named after the client with the Assessment Form materials inside. Perfect.

But at this point, the original Assessment Forms folder is now a subfolder, inside of the newly created and named folder for the client in question.

Is it possible to leave a copy of, or the original folder behind when renaming and creating the sub folder?

I hope that is clear.

Thanks for any help.

Create a button or hotkey which runs this command:

Copy HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstringS|Enter Client Name|{clip}}"

It will ask you for the name of the folder to create and then copy whatever is selected into that new folder.

As a bonus, the default name will be whatever is in the clipboard, so if the client name is already in the clipboard you just have to push return. Otherwise you can start typing and it will replace the default name.

If the source folder is always called "Assessment Forms" then you could automate this a bit further so that you don't have to select Assessment Forms before running the command:

Copy FILE="Assessment Forms" HERE CREATEFOLDER="{dlgstringS|Enter Client Name|{clip}}"

Thank you sir.