Rename Dialog - Field "New name:"

Hi all

Field "New name" can not be empty when I load a preset. Is that intended? In my scenario I need seqential numbering and would like to avoid a script. Though I have a workaround, a proper way would be nice.


You can save a preset with the New Name field empty, but it may not always make sense to.

For example, if you want to number files, you may be better with:

Old Name: *
New Name: [#]

That's assuming you want to completely replace the whole filename with sequential numbers. [#] is used to specify where you want the numbers in the new file name.

The Ignore Extension checkbox can be used to control whether the existing file extensions are kept.

If you want to add numbers to the ends of existing names, use this instead:

Old Name: *
New Name: * [#]

In both cases, use Mode: Standard Wildcard Rename.

Hi Leo

Thanks for that - Ok for me.
My workaround was Mode "Regular Expression" and New name "\\1". A little bit odd ....