Rename Dialog with Metadata

I'm attempting to rename files in Rename Dialog with {mp3track} {mp3artist} {mp3title} but is not working. I can see the tags from the file tooltip and in the Metadata pane. Thanks in advance.

Unless you're using the Opus 12 beta, make sure you have the "Enable file information fields" option turned on.

I forgot to mention I am using Latest 12 beta. I've used it in the past on previous Opus versions and files were renamed successfully...

But I just discovered the problem!

It's because I was loading a saved preset (saved from previous Dopus version) from the favorite list if I begin a new one it works!

Old saved presets should still work, unless there's a bug somewhere.

Do you still have the original saved preset file? If you type /dopusdata/Rename Presets into the location field, it should be one of the .orp files in that folder. Could you attach it to the thread so we can try it out?

If the preset has been overwritten but you have a config backup from Opus 11, you can also get it from the backup by renaming the .ocb backup file to .zip and then looking inside.

The problem was not a old preset being loaded but rather the "Old Name:" field was saved with data within the preset. All that was needed was the Old Name field to be cleared. Thanks.