Rename file doesn't increment in case original is present?!

Here's a case of I don't know if there's a setting in DOpus which prevents this message from appearing.

Scenario: You have a new file you want to rename and you want to replace the original file by using the same name. When you do this...DOpus pops up a dialog box saying file is already present and offers the option to cancel the operation. However it would be really neat if DOpus offered me the ability to choose to replace that original file with the new file using the same name..or at least offering the user the chance to rename the file with an added increment to avoid conflicts with the same file.

Is this feature in the works for a future version of DOpus...or can somebody tell me if there's a button code that lets the user force the renaming of files to replace original files using the same name? Thanks.

The first checkbox in the Advanced Rename dialog is called Automatically rename if new filename exists. Turn that on if you want to add an incremental number to the end of filenames when they clash.

I don't think there is any way to make the Rename command replace existing files. If you're doing a fairly simple wildcard rename then you could use the Copy command to do it.