Rename file from 2001-01 to 01-2001

I have several files named YYYY-MM that I would like to rename as MM-YYYY.

What RENAME REGEXP would I use to accomplish this task?

The RE pattern is (\d{4})-(\d{2}) and the replacement is \2-\1. But there is probably more required if you have additional pieces in the file name, and most likely a suffix. What are the full file names?

Is this using the standard DOpus Renamer or your Dynamic Renamer?

YYYY-MM is actually it for the file names right now. Ultimately, I want to get to one of these example states:

January 2010 Report


January 2010 Sales Report

In essence:

  1. Change YYYY-MM order to MM-YYYY (for example 2010-01 to 01-2010)
  2. Substitute month name and space for MM- (for example January 2010 instead of 01-2010)
  3. Append with another word or words (for example January 2010 Sales Report instead of January 2010)

I'm not sure this can be accomplished in one REG EXP. I'm sure it could be done in a script, just not sure exactly how yet. Still, with what you've suggested, I can make the first step then get through steps 2 and 3 fairly easily.

Regular expressions only match patterns, so don't have the ability to transform something like a date from one form to another.

If you're using Dynamic Renamer, the full transformation to accomplish what you want is:

-/(.*)/%%\1%%/ -d/%Y-%m/%B %Y Sales Report/

The -d transformation uses the strftime date template "%Y-%m" which is the YYYY-MM in your file names, and outputs a different date format of "%B %Y" followed by static text " Sales Report". A %B means full month name (in your current locale), and the %Y is the 4-digit year.

The initial substitution -/(.*)/%%\1%%/ just surrounds your date portion in your file with %% characters that -d requires (since dates could be anywhere in your file, and the -d transform needs to know where they are).

So those two transformations complete your job. You can save this as a Rename preset for future recall and use.

Works great... Thanks!