Rename file that is being used

When a file is in use, eg when it's being downloaded, it's not possible to change it's name. This is very annoying to have to wait for download to complete while I want to add additional information (file version or application full name) to file name when downloaded file name is something like "rcw10.exe".

Sometimes there's an option to schedule operation but not always and I don't know when it's possible and when it's not. Could anyone explain that?

I would also like an option to schedule and perform rename as soon as possible. So DO should monitor file each let's say 1 minute and rename it when it's possible. This should also work for move and delete operations.

I tried to do my own workaround an use description meta data to store information about file whenever I want and then use a button to append description to file name. But I don't know how to do that. I would like to rename file to "filename description.ext".

The scheduling option would make you reboot to rename the file, which wouldn't solve the problem.

So you're not planning to add feature to monitor file and rename it as soon as possible?
What about button to append description to file name?

I've split that discussion into a separate topic: Move description into filename

So when is it possible to schedule copy/move/delete/rename operation? Sometimes I see the dialog window that asks me if I want to schedule operation but usually there are just retry, skip and cancel options.

If you try to overwite an EXE or DLL file which is in use, Opus will offer to schedule it to be done on reboot.