Rename files/folders by curent date

Hi all,

how rename files/folders by files/foldes date ??


I believe v8.2.x.x introduced the Enable file information fields option in the advanced rename dialog. Once enabled, you can select control codes from the drop down box to the far right of the New name: field and make use of things like date related codes under the General category.

If you want to create a button or hotkey to rename automatically using these features I believe that is what the FILEINFO argument to the internal Rename function is for... but the argument list for the Rename function in the command editor does not expand to show you the same control codes that the advanced rename utility does... so since you would have to go into the utility to look at which control codes you want to use anyway you might rather just create a preset for whatever date-based rename operation you want to perform and then make a button that uses the preset...

NOTE- I just realized that if you use the Show day names in date columns if date is within one week option in Preferences->Folders->Options like I do... then the date related fileinfo rename codes follow this convention as well. I could see this NOT being what some people would want if they're looking to rename files based on actual date numbers for archival purposes... but do just like to see the day name in the lister columns.

i would like the equivalent of this with a button :

but with this format yyyy-MM-dd (#)

i find solution

i create 3 buttons

Rename PRESET="Date Heure" @NODESELECT
Date Heure preset : {modified}.{ext}


Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(..)-(..)-(....)" TO="\3-\2-\1" AUTORENAME @NODESELECT

i want only one button but don't work :frowning:

need help please...

Ah... multiple rename passes just don't work very well. We've tried this sort of thing before and there is a timing issue when you want to process multiple rename operations one after another in one series of commands.

Seems like we would really need some formatting string functionality added to the file information field rename options... like how we have in the External Control Codes:

{date} Inserts the current date into the function. Can include a [b]formatting string[/b], for example {date|dd’-‘MMM’-‘yyy}Then we could presumably do something like {modifieddate|yyyy '-'MM'-'yy}.*. Such an option would also eliminate the effect I mentioned before if you enable the Show day names in date columns if date is within one week option...

Like steje said, multiple renames in one button don't work so well, but if you want just one button because you are running out of toolbar space (like me), take your three "sections" of rename functions and combine them into a 3-button. Then you can select your files, then go to your button, right-click it to apply the first set of renames, middle-click it to apply the second set, and right-click to apply the last set. It's not quite like clicking one thing and being done with it, but it's closer than clicking on three different buttons that all take up space.