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Rename files from clipboard


Up front.

but I am not sure

  • where exactly to put this post

  • if at all the below already exists in one way or the other (vainly searched for it)

  • if it might be a suggestion for a new v12 feature

rename files based on clipboard contents. the below screenshot may illustrate what I mean:

In this case I used another rename tool

in short
step 1) open list of files to be renamed
step 2) paste a list into an editor and click on [Rename]
step 3) shows renamed files



Might do what you describe: RenameFromClipboard (Command: RenameFromClipboard)

Very nice indeed and
ahum.. shame on me....

Have to confess that so far I have been using another tool to do the job.

Whilst I was looking for a built in Opus feature, the script has been there all
the time, as a subitem in my 'MyTools' dropdown toolbar button and works perfectly.
Tsk tsk tsk.

I did't ask anything, right..? :blush: