Rename files

How can I rename a lot of files with this name: AaseeimWinter_DE-DE7978704206_1366x768 to this: AaseeimWinter
It´s possible?

Yes, use the rename tool and set:

Old name: ([^_]+).(..)
New name: \1\2
Type: Regular Expressions

This allows other names besides just "AaseeimWinter".

Please, can you explain me better. I don´t know how to do.
I can only change the name of one file at time.

Select all the files you want changed, and then press the Rename button. Enter the values shown above for Old name, New name, and Type. The Preview window will show you how the files will be renamed. Those with no preview will not be affected.


Note that all selected source files will be renamed to the same target name. This will only work if the source files are in separate folders, viewed in Flat Mode.

Regards, AB