Rename HERE in flatview with command

How can I rename files in flatview with a command to their respective folders?

I need the HERE argument for rename but that doesn't work.

Rename To example.txt HERE

The Rename command doesn't have (or ever need) a HERE argument.

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, though. Could you describe it in more detail?

I select multiple files in flatview. And I reneame them with this command

Rename To example.txt

It renames the first selected file and then stops and brings up the rename dialog instead of just renaming all of them.

So I assume that the renamae dialog popping-up is not the desired behaviour. How can we prevent that?

It's normal behaviour.

A wildcard, or some other batch rename option, has to be used to rename multiple files, even if not strictly required.

There are a few ways to do it, depending on the old and new names. Here's one example:

How would you do this with standard rename as you stated a wildcard is needed. rename PATTERN . TO "example.txt" where do you add the wildcard here?

I'd use regular expressions mode for that, as it makes things easier.

Rename PATTERN .* TO "example.txt" regexp