"rename if"

I'm moving many files.

Can I set DO to auto rename a file if the name and size are the same?

Yes, it's part of the standard drag and drop dialog box you will see if the file already exists on the destination. When that box pops up alerting you of a conflict, just click the down arrow beside the REPLACE button and you will see a list of options including the auto rename all option.

Ahh, thank you for that, more detail required in my question I see.

I meant can I set DO to reautomatically rename if the file in the targe dir is same name and size. I'm moving hundreds of files and have to sit pressing the button for a long time. Also, I make mistakes, so I'd like to automate it.

I must not be understanding your question because it still sounds like my last answer is the answer you want. Whether I move one file or 1000 once the dialog box pops up warning me of an existing file with the same name, I can either deal with each file on a one by one basis, or choose "Auto Rename All" or "Replace All" one time and it applies my choice to all the files I'm moving.

By the way, DOpus does not compare the size or date of the file in this way, only the name.

What JohnZ says is true - the only other way would be to change however you're actually doing the file copy... are you doign a drag and drop or clicking a button like Dopus default 'Copy' toolbar button? For instance, the default Dopus 'Copy' Toolbar button is simply running the internal 'Copy' command. The command you would want to run is Copy WHENEXISTS=rename which will trigger the automatic renaming without having to click on the 'Auto-Rename All' button.