Rename long folder and filenames + delete them

Vainly tried to figure this out myself...

Say I have a few folders with very long foldernames in the right windowpanel
They contain files with too long filenames, they cannot be deleted.

Have created preset that will rename all the files in the folders.


It will not rename the long foldernames though.

Is there a way to:
rename both foldernames and filenames to : shorten-seq#
then subsequently delete the selected folder.

The main purpose of this renaming is to be able to delete those long folder/filenames.


If you just want to delete them, use shift-delete to delete them without using the Recycle Bin.

It's the Windows Recycle Bin which cannot cope with really long (<250 characters) filenames, not Opus itself. If you use Opus to directly delete the files instead of sending them to the Recycle Bin then it should work.

Opus can also rename files and folders with long names, but not the way you were trying there. First, if you turn on "rename files in selected sub-folders" then the rename will only apply to files below the selected folders, not the folders below them as well.

(There may be another problem with the Standard Rename mode in the current beta, which I've just noticed. It won't be applied unless there is a wildcard in both the old and new name fields, I think. We'll look into that. But you shouldn't need to rename things here at all so hopefully it's not a problem, and if it is you can workaround it by using regular expression mode instead of standard rename mode. Scratch that, it turns out not to be a bug, just how it works and has always worked, since a year ago at least. Standard Rename mode won't match anything if you use * as the old name and a non-wildcard as the new name. You can, however, use Regular Expression mode to do the same thing, and that works.)

Thanks a lot Leo!
Ashamed having to confess, I didn't think of the shift-delete option.

Again, tks!