Rename {md5sum} file too large


I'm trying to rename using information fields adding MD5SUM to new filenames, but i 'm facing difficulties.
In some files, instead of adding the value it inserts (file too large).
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot for reading.

Change Preferences - Miscellaneous - Advanced: max_md5_file_size (which is the max size, in bytes, for automatic MD5 calculation).

Thanks Leo,

Please if you can advice also for this one.
Here i try to use {name} or {shortname}, but both results in name + extension while i only need the name (i put the extension at the end).
I think I'm missing something

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Set the Type to Regular Expressions and use

Old name: (.*)(\.[^.]+)

New name: \1.{md5sum}\2

That's no longer needed in Opus and above, so you can turn the limit back on now if you want.