Rename MP3 files with ID3 tag info

Hi folks. Terrific forum this. :slight_smile:

My first post and I hope someone can help me. I've got a few MP3 files that had no ID3 tag in them, so I updated them all with the correct info. Unfortunately the filesnames did not show which number was what. So I wondered if DOpus has the ability to grab the ID3 tag information and then rename each file with what's in the ID3 tag. Eg:


13 - Erann DD - Say Something Nice

Would this be possible or do I need a different tool for this?


/ Michael Englyst

Opus can't use MP3 tags when renaming at the moment. I recommend one of the dedicated tagging/renaming tools recommended at the end of this thread: ... rumpost645

Thanks! I'll look into it. I hope DOpus get's that ability somewhere down the road.. :slight_smile: