Rename problem (maybe bug)

I made button to rename marked filenames. It upper/lower cases each character.

Here is the command:

Rename CASE=allwords
Rename CASE=extlower

My Problem is, that it does not up/lower case some character from german or turk language.

example: üÜ, öÖ, äÄ, şŞ, çÇ, ğ, ıİ

Is there a way to d the upper/lower case thing??


On Vista with English (UK) locale it lowercases the letters okay (except the I-like character for some reason; must be a locale thing) if I use "lower-case all" (see below), but if I use either of the "capitalise words" options then no changes are made.

So I guess the problem is something to do with how Opus decides what a word is, or something. Seems odd.

I've reported it to GPSoftware.

I use a German Windows XP Professional (SP 3).