Rename Selected Files Seems a Liitle Broken

rename see images below:

These are the files I am renaming

This the way the renamed files will look when done

This is what the preview window looks like after I hit APPLY

This what the files look like in the directory after the rename which is correct. It is the preview window that is messed up.

Screen Shot 03-22-20 at 02.16 PM 001

Nothing looks wrong there.

If you create a macro in the rename dialog, it shows a preview of what will happen.

If you then click Apply, what was shown in the preview is applied and the files are renamed.

Those renamed files, and your macro, are still in the rename dialog, so you'll then be looking at a preview of what would happen if you applied the same macro again. Just click Cancel or Reset if you don't actually want to do that, and nothing else will happen. (Although if you did not want to apply a second rename to the files then you'd usually click OK instead of Apply.)

You respond too quick... I had to rearrange the images in edit post. Do you ever take a day off?

The images are in the same order as when I read the post.

My reply is correct, I think?

Look at the preview in the 3rd image.

Looks fine to me.

You've already applied the macro at that point. The preview is showing you what will happen if you apply the macro again.

I don't use a macro I just inline rename the files which works excellent for what I need to do.

That creates a macro.

You have "use preview list to build macros" turned on, and when you edit filenames in the preview list, that turns on "macro operation" and, in this case, set the macro to L0-13, i.e. remove the first 14 characters from the left (or something like that; I never edit those codes by hand as you rarely need to).

When you click Apply the first time, it removes the first 14 characters (or whatever the macro does). It then shows a preview of what will happen if you were to do that again.

Click Reset to clear the macro if you want to do additional, different operations on the files. Or click Cancel if you're finished.

Got it, I didn't know it created a Macro when I inline rename. Is there a way to turn this off because I never use a Macro on purpose. Can I just have it show the renamed files in the window so I can rename something again if needed?

If you turn off "use preview list to build macros" then it won't create macros, and manual edits you make in the preview list will only affect the filename you were editing.

If you want to edit all filenames at once (as in by typing and deleting characters in the preview list directly, not using wildcards / regex and the other options), then you have to create a macro. That's the whole purpose of macros.

Okay, the only issue with the created macro is it something I would never rename the same number of spaces again. Every set of files I get from different a Architect is name differently. You are awesome and thank so much for you extensive knowledge of DO.

Maybe a new feature sometime in the future.