Rename sequential num: in reverse order to avoid conflicts

I had a load of files of the form _, where went from 1 up to 101. I wanted to rename it so started at 2, and wanted to use the sequential numbering feature, but this resulted in rename conflicts since it would try to rename filename_1 to filename_2 before it had renamed the existing filename_2 to filename_3 (and so on for all the files...).

While my suggestion in the title is to perform the rename in reverse order, this may not handle all cases (although I haven't really thought about the details TBH).

However it is done, it would be nice if DOpus was intelligent enough to detect this kind of conflict and handle it automatically.

I think it is more complicated than that. But until that time, maybe you can use my Dynamic Renamer with your files sorted by Filename in reverse (descending) order. The new name transformation would be simple:

New name: -+1