Rename settings for "copy as"

Found rename settings that I need, but no clue how to combine that with copy as button, not a scripting guy, sorry. Rename does not work for me as I need a specific sequence that is not kept by copying before I can rename.
What I need:
I have a long list of alphabetical sorted files. Now I randomly choose one of them and copy it to a new folder. I want the new order to be sequence I copied them over. For the time I choose "copy as" button, get the new filename highlighted and then have to add 01_ , 02_ ...10_by hand every time I use copy as to keep that sequence. Bet there is a way to automate this. But how ?

Do you want the number to increase each time you use the button (so that if 10_ is the highest number and you delete that file, the new copy will still be _11)?

Or do you want the number to be the highest number currently in the destination folder + 1?

Is the destination folder fixed, or do you want it to be the other file display?

Are there any other files in the destination folder to worry about? What happens if they also start with a number? Do you only want to match files that start with a number and also have names similar to the file being copied? If so, what are the details?

It will require some scripting, but if you link your account we can write the script for you.

perhaps better explanation. I have a lot of music text files . Now for a gig, I create a new folder on a different device and want to copy some of the text files over to be in the sequence I plan to play those, not alphabetically. So numbering is always position of that textfile in the new folder. If I delete one out of the middle it could be nice that the rest is renamed to match the new positions, but not really necessary as I can add new ones only in the end I think, so if ther´s a gap no problem.

One easy way to do it would be to use manual sorting to rearrange the files, then apply a simple rename on that to number the files.

(The rename dialog always renames things in the same order they are currently listed/sorted when you open it.)

Another simple method is to make a button, hotkey or drag & drop action which runs:


and then sort the destination by the Created date column.

(You can also turn off preserving dates/times in Preferences and use the normal methods to copy files, but that would affect everything.)

Or a script could number the files as they're copied, which is a bit more work. But we can help with that if you link your account.

That´s the thing I have been looking for, thanks a lot. That´s easy enough. Made that button and after copying that 20 to 30 files applying a given rename by adding number prefix is easy and quick enough.

btw - a script to do all at once would be great though, so if you are happy to do that, it´s very welcome of course, but no hurry needed, just if you have fun solving that workflow with a script ..