Rename Toolbar v3 (english and french)

Rename toolbar (11 buttons / 33 actions) By Albator V

Since i use Directory Opus, i create toolbar to rename files.
Some buttons/scripts are created by me and others have found in this forum (thanks for all members).

Type: Three button
Action LMB: Close toolbar
Action RMB: Open this forum topic you are reading now.

2) TitleCase
Type: Script (PE2_TitleCase.orp)
Written by: Steve Banham
Action: Multi-rename
Information: Titlecase

3) FromTexteFile
Type: Script (PE3_FromTexteFile.orp)
Written by: Henrik Ripa
Action: Rename from text file
Information: From File rename v3.1

4) Replace
Type: Script/Command/Three button
Action LMB (script PE4_Replace.orp): Replace characters by another or nothing
Action RMB: Change extensions
Action MMB (script PE4_Replace_accents.orp): Replace accented letters (french characters like éàöû... etc)

5) Insert
Type: Script/Command/Three button
Action LMB (script PE5_Insérer_au_début-fin.orp) : Insert characters at left or right
Action RMB (script PE5_InsertPosition_(beginning).orp and PE5_InsertPosition_(end).orp): Insert characters at position from beginning or end (shift)

6) Crop
Type: Script/Three button
Action LMB (script PE6_CropLeftRight.orp): Crop characters at left or right
Action RMB (script PE6_CropPosition.orp): Crop characters at position

7) Number
Type: Script/Command/Three button
Action LMB: Add numbers at left or right (shift) of current file name
Action RMB: Add numbers at left or right (shift) but change file name
Action MMB (script PE7_RandomNumber.orp written by Leo Davidson and modified by Albator V): Add random numbers in file name
Information: Add a Unique Number while renaming

8) Date
Type: Command/Three button
Action LMB: Rename file name by modified date
Action RMB: Rename file name by created date (shift for shooting time)

9) Move
Type: Command/Three button
Action LMB: Move file in folders (yyyy-mm) by modified date (shift for yyyy-mm-dd)
Action RMB: Move file in folders by extension
Action MMB: Move file to parent folder (Shift: Move file under selected folder to parent folder)

10) Case
Type: Command/Three button
Action LMB: Change file name to proper case with lower case extension
Action RMB: Change file name to upper case with lower case extension (shift for extension)
Action MMB: Change file name to lower case with lower case extension (shift for extension)

11) Undo
Type: Command/Menu Button
Action : Undoing last action / Can choose in Undo List / Open Undo Page

Toolbar installation

  • You can copy AlbatorV-Rename-V3.dop or AlbatorV-Renommer-V3.dop file to /dopusdata/buttons
  • You can import AlbatorV-Rename-V3.dop or AlbatorV-Renommer-V3.dop file from Customize/File/Import toolbar

Script installation

  • You can copy the 10 *.orp files to /dopusdata/Rename Presets
  • or import each files in rename dialog (To load a preset into your Rename dialog, make sure the dialog is in Advanced mode, then select Import... from the File menu. That loads the preset from disk but only temporarily. To add it to your personal list of presets, click the Add button above the list on the right and give it a name.)

Update v3 (30/may/08)

  • update boutton n°4 : invert RMB and LMB action and add new script for MMB (replace accented letters)
  • update boutton n°5 : new LMB script to insert string
  • update boutton n°9 : new MMB actions to move to parent folder
  • update boutton n°10 : new actions for case
  • add button n°11 : new menu button to undoing last action / Can choose in Undo List / Open Undo Page

Update v2 (09/nov/08)

  • update button n°1 (add RMB action to open this topic)
  • update script from button n°3 (FromTexteFile)
    ---- Update script RP_TitleCase.orp
  • modify LMB action for button n°5 (Insert)
    ---- now you can insert string from beginning or end of file's name.
    ---- RP_InsertPosition.orp replace by RP_InsertPosition_(beginning).orp
    ---- add new script RP_InsertPosition_(end).orp
  • merge button MoveByDate and MoveByExt to Move button
  • add french version

Download (zip with 12 files (1 screenshot, 1 toolbar and 10 scripts)

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I've added your toolbar to my Directory Opus installation.
I already had buttons for MoveByDate and MoveByExt.
MoveByDate, and exif variations of it, are very useful with photos.
I note that both of these buttons were originally AlbatorIV ideas.

Thankyou AlbatorIV :smiley:

Good idea about the Toobar! generaly i use a menu button, for this i keep yours! Thanks AlbatorIV !