Rename using PDF Document info

I have thousans of PDF files that need to be renamed, and I would like to use the metadata to build the new name of the file. Alternately can I read the first line of text from the PDF?

Does anyone have any suggestions and/or sample to work from?


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If you turn on Enable file information fields in the advanced Rename dialog then you can use the drop-down arrow that appears by the New Name field to select Document columns such as Title, Author and Keywords.

Here's an example:


I just tried this in Opus 10, but it does not appear to work. The file I tried it on shows proper PDF metadata in Properties.
The New name box correctly shows: {author} - {title}.pdf
I have enabled file information fields.
Under New Name in the preview I just get " .pdf"

Any suggestions?

See if the PDF data appears in the Opus metadata panel or file display columns.

The Properties dialog isn't part of Opus (it's part of Windows itself) so it may be getting slightly different data.

You are right: the PDF data do not appear in the Opus Metadata.
Fortunately most PDF's turn out to have proper metadata. Opus is a real time-saver on those. Thank you.

If you're able to share the PDF file in question feel free to send it to me via PM and we can try to work out why the metadata isn't being displayed.