Rename while in quickview

I must have switched a setting because it seems that i used to be able to rename files even when they were shown in the viewer. Has this changed or have i done something to prevent this behavior?


Which kind of files, viewed using which plugin?

Could be the same issue as the one I hit when trying to delete files when they were showing in the viewer.

leo sorted me out on that one too.

Looking at pdf document, and as far as the plug-in goes, I've got ActiveX+Preview+Office+Web loading before Multiview.

For now, you can make the problem go away by going to Preferences - Plugins - Viewers and configuring the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin. Select Internet Explorer in the list (as PDF files are viewed via IE) and then turn on Open Temporary Copies.

Unfortunately this may cause problems with HTML files (since they will be copied away from all the images etc. they refer to). A better solution will be part of an update to the plugin.