Renaming conflcting files

Probably I am mistaken, but as far as I can remember, some time back, when renaming and hitting conflicting files, there was some option (I believe under shift) to rename all old or all new files.

Has this gone? Or do I need to enable an option ?


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Only when doing a copy or move, I think.

Okay - thanks.
Wrongly assumed that e.g. (001) (002), etc. would be added in the above scenario.

Oh, there is an "automatically number files when names clash" checkbox in the Rename dialog.

(If renaming via command, there's the Rename WHENEXISTS argument.)

Ahum ....
tsk tsk tsk - what can I say...

Many thanks again.

As you can see, whilst picking up this thread: this clashing thing does not happen very often.

But today I again hit on this issue.
I immediately confess: rather than to check this thread, I first tried to figure this out myself first.
Initially I did not understand why this is was happening as within the Preferences > File Operations > Inline Rename "Automatically number files.." was checked.

A bit later I remember that I needed to check the "Automatically rename..." in the rename panel as well.

The below is just a suggestion... but what about:
when "Automatically number files when names clash.." (preferences) is checked
then also have
"Automatically rename if new filename exists" checked (Rename Panel)

To me it would be a logical approach: if a user prefers to have files renamed in settings, then that preference would also be reflected in the rename panel, as there is no real reason to assume that the user likes to have a different approach there.

After all, users can deselect that option.

The two settings aren't that related (inline rename and the advanced Rename dialog are generally used in very different ways).

They have to be independent since some people may want the option on in one place and off in another.

Both are off by default.