Renaming + deleting files after file recovery

I recovered files from SD-card with Recuva, and the result is this:

A. Corrupted .mp3 files with almost correct file names:
43 - Calidris subminuta

B. Working files with almost correct file names:
Vogel02 - Track 48
Vogel05 - Track 43
Vogel08 - Track 56
Vogel16 - Track 18

How can I copy file names from A's to B's like this?
Vogel02 - Track 48 - SOMMOL
Vogel05 - Track 43 - Calidris subminuta
Vogel08 - Track 56 - PICSHA
Vogel16 - Track 18 - PETPET

There are hundreds of files, so it would be neat to complete the task automated.

If the MP3 files are tagged with the same information then it will be easier to generate the filenames from the tags, which the Rename tool can do.

"Tags" column is empty in Dopus, and VLC shows the same "Media information" as file names.

"Tags" is the wrong column; try Artist, Track Number, Album.

I deleted the corrupted MP3 files and kept the working files.

But I would like to keep the working jpg files, but the correct names are on corrupted files.
Here's screenshot, the only information which is same is file size.
Working files have "date digitized" on them, corrupted files are empty on that info.

Is there possibility to merge/copy/rename these files so that the working file would have corrupted files name?

What is there to connect the corrupt and working versions of each JPG file?

From the screenshot the only possibility looks like the file size, but that may not always be reliable (two pairs of images might all have the same sizes).

File size is the only "connector" between the files and they are about 90% correct, which is fine in this case.

If you move the corrupt and good files into two separate folders, then sort by size, you can copy all the filenames from one to the other using the Rename dialog. There's a button to copy and paste filenames at the top right of the preview list in the dialog. (You need to disable Macro mode, the checkbox to the left of it, before it will let you use it.)

Make sure both folders have the same number of files or things will obviously get out of sync.

If there are extra/missing files in one side then you'd probably have to write a script to make a Size -> Name map out of the corrupt files and then rename the good files using it.