Renaming files in collections and NTFS volume mount points

I'm experiencing some unwanted behavior with file collections.


  • I have multiple disks mounted via NTFS volume mount points as sub-folders of C:\Mirrors.
  • It goes like C:\Mirrors\DISK1, C:\Mirrors\DISK2...
  • To clarify - each of these folders represents a separate partition on a different LOCAL hard disk.
  • Also those partitions do not have drive letters as they became too many and were becoming a headache to manage.
  • Each partition is only mounted in ONE of those folders and nowhere else.


  • Working with them directly from that folder is perfectly fine.
  • Adding files from them to a collection is fine as well.
  • Those files can be opened, sorted, viewed etc.


  • Attempting to inline rename a file/folder from the collection view succeeds in changing the file's name but fails to update the name in the collection.
  • Subsequent renames fail silently as the {old name} does not exist anymore.

I remember experiencing something similar before with the image viewer here:
Issues on renaming images from the image viewer so that could be connected in some way.

We'll have an experimental fix for this in the next update. Please try it and report any remaining issues.

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That's great news. Thank you Jon.