Renaming files keep ordering

Afternoon all,
I had a number of files that I wanted to maintain the numbering order and just increment them all by one. So my files were test_000.txt, test_001.txt, test_002.txt, test_003.txt, test_004.txt etc and I wanted to increment them all by one, the renaming function didnt seem to want to keep the ordering and this was a requirement so that the ordering of the files was not lost. I'm quite a noob in regards to the automation side of this so I'm sure its quite obvious to those more versed with this tool :slight_smile: any help is appreciated.

This keeps them in order for me:

is what I get, will try with your naming at the top

:thinking: if I just order them first then rename it works ok, end user sorry :flushed:. would be nice to be able to reorder the columns from the tool